CD Bridging Heaven and Earth

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Meg Johnson

Oh my. Another family history talk . . . really? Sorry. I'm a busy person. I barely have time to sleep, let alone search for names. Oh, I see; it's not just name searching. It's building bridges. Of course. Well, clearly that's much easier. Why don't I just go ahead and start building some bridges in all of my abundant free time. . .

I know what you're thinking: how can I add family history to my already full to-do list when it takes me forever just to push up a ramp in my wheelchair? Okay, maybe you weren't thinking the part about the ramp, but I know it's difficult to find the oomph to research names even though every talk on family history makes you feel guilty. But I've learned that our ancestors are standing at a chasm they can't cross they can't progress. As we build bridges of baptism, endowment, and sealing for them, they are quick to return the favor. And wheelchair ramps or not, I know we're all struggling with an uphill climb, so in this CD I tell you about the angels I discovered who were ready to give me a push and lighten my load when I lengthened my to-do list with family history. In this talk, you'll hear lighthearted, funny, heartfelt, and inspiring true stories of angels, miracles, and the spirit of Elijah. You'll laugh, you ll cry, and you'll be oh-so-ready to add build a bridge to your to-do list.

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