Beauty and the Teenage Beast

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Tarrah Montgomery
250 pages

This book is the fourth installment in The Princess Chronicles, Tarrah Montgomery's popular series of fairy-tale romances for teens.

In Beauty and the Teenage Beast, seventeen-year-old Belinda sacrifices herself to pay off the debt of her younger sister Maggie, who has accidentally destroyed a beautiful garden. The garden's master, a moody young man, hides in the shadows and never shows his face. Belinda's punishment is to rebuild the garden while living under the same roof as the master, his brother, and a few fellow servants.

After a violent encounter with the master, Belinda attempts to escape but gets lost in the woods. Thieves attack her, but she is saved by a handsome young man named Rylan. He comes to stay at the master's house, and suddenly Belinda's circumstances don't seem so terrible. Soon, however, she learns that everything isn't as it seems. Secrets begin to unfold, and when the master's house is attacked, Belinda's life is in grave danger.